2017-06-17 'Prize Fighter'

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Brighton Boxing Fitness offer classes are suitable for anyone who is committed to achieving a higher level of fitness. This is a non stop boxing fitness and conditioning class. You will cover padwork, bagwork, interval training and full body conditioning. This is exactly how the pro's train to achieve their first class fitness and with hard work and dedication you can too!

Peak Physique offer fitness sessions sports massage & injury treatments in our busy clinic.

01. Brad Best v Amro Joseph
02. Tom Riley v Rob Bovlett
03. Ross Williams v Matt Piechoki
04. Mark Bantock v Jordan Kohn
05. Josh Kitson v Courtt Grimster
06. Stuart Smith v Tom Gretton
07. Mark Forrester v Ben Glashier
08. Louis Bashford v Corin Bashford
09. Aaron Linton v Jordan Kohn
10. Ross Williams v Josh Kitson
11. Charlie Coles v Atul Booker
12. Daryl Seaman v Gareth Hutchin
13. Jamie Leake v Elliot Hallworth
14. Ross Williams v Jordan Kohn